How to spend your money extravagantly

cocaine face 2

Most of the articles I intend to publish about money are about how to get better with it – whether that means spending less, or spending smart, or not spending at all. However, in the spirit of the consumer spending that I will soon try to CRUSH, here’s a throwaway on how to do the exact opposite. Spend like it’s going out of fashion, like the world is gonna end, like your work just paid you a million by mistake and they’ll try to take it back on Monday!! Read on for deets.. Continue reading



The Long Road Ahead

This is the beginning

Hello to all my (one day hopefully lots of) readers! I started a blog today. I’m not the first person to start one and wont be the last. The topics I am going to write about here have been written about elsewhere. But I am going to try to bring a different slant to the ideas of having enough money to go to the places and do the things you want. I also just want to write down some of the things I have experienced and see if I can learn something from other peoples experiences too. There’s a whole lot out there in this big crazy world I don’t know  about and hopefully I get some feedback from readers and we can teach each other. I’m not big on quotes usually, but lets have a quick one to start off, which is pretty much the reason I have come to start writing. Continue reading