How to spend your money extravagantly

cocaine face 2

Most of the articles I intend to publish about money are about how to get better with it – whether that means spending less, or spending smart, or not spending at all. However, in the spirit of the consumer spending that I will soon try to CRUSH, here’s a throwaway on how to do the exact opposite. Spend like it’s going out of fashion, like the world is gonna end, like your work just paid you a million by mistake and they’ll try to take it back on Monday!! Read on for deets..

  1. Buy Hookers and Blow: This time honoured tradition of drug dealers and rock stars can really set you back a pretty penny. Snorting blow up your nose will kill your savings quicker than a conscience free accident lawyer, and mixing it with blow-snorting hookers is a recipe for both chlamydia and disaster! But drugs can be about making money not spending it. Check out this interview with a California based weed dealer. And this UN list on global drug prices!
  2. Buy Insanely Expensive Food. This is a little more mundane than blow and hookers, and if you’ve had the blow you’re unlikely to want lots of food. BUT LOOK AT THE FOOD! Spend $50k on 12 mangoes, $1,000 on an omelette for breakfast, and then really start spending when it’s time for lunch. The Guinness Book of Records has the answers when it comes to expensive foods.
  3. Buy Cigarette Boat (more to come)

To further help you get in the mindset to spend, check out this article by the financial samurai on blowing lots of money.


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